Heaven’s Bells

Dr. Martin Luther Church’s Adult Handbell choir.

DMLC’s “Heaven’s Bells” ensemble is composed of adults of all ages, professional backgrounds, and musical skill levels. Having a musical background is not a pre-requisite to be in the group, and the ability to read music helps, but is definitely not required. Rhythms and hand bell ringing techniques are taught, which allows the group to learn more about music and to have plenty of fun along the way!

This ensemble rehearses weekly and plays in church between 8 – 12 times per school year, including performances at most Holiday services. Vacations and family commitments are understood and respected, so playing in church often requires a shuffling around of personnel and bringing in substitutes to cover open parts.

This ensemble is a low-pressure environment where new ‘ringers’ are always welcomed! If you are interested in sitting in on a Heaven’s Bells rehearsal to see what handbell ringing is like, please contact Alison O’Leary.